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New website about blow dry services

A new website is coming soon, and it’s about blow drys.

More specifically, it’s going to be a directory and a blog about blow dry bars and salons, and blow dry stylists, with a special eye for the Boston, greater Boston and Boston Metrowest areas.
It aims at assisting people into finding a great solution for their blow dry needs and see which blow dry bar or hair salon, and which hair stylist who specializes in great blow drying are available and convenient to go to.

The website is Be Dry Bar and it will be reachable at once launched.
With so many blow dry bars, or blow dry salons or blow dry lounges as they are often and variously called, popping up at every corner in every major town and city, and even neighborhood, it looks like there’s a need for a website to provide relevant and easily accessible information, straight to the point and quick to find, just like a good blow dry should be!

Additionally, full service traditional hair salons are fighting back and are stepping up their efforts to retain their blow dry clients, so it’s a very busy niche within the industry, with lots of energy and interesting things going on.

The best blow dry in Boston, the best hair salon that specializes in a high quality blow dry, the best hair stylist that can do the best blow dry, the fastest and the longest lasting blow dry, in and around Boston, are all going to be topics of BeDryBar.
We will announce the actual launch, so check back to find out when BeDryBar will be fully operational.

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