Denise Rossi’s European Blow Dry

09 Jul
Denise Rossi’s European Blow Dry

New Blow Drying technique

A new blow drying technique is here and it’s coming from Europe. The new technique, appropriately named the European Blow Dry, was created by Denise Rossi of Boston, thanks to her long professional experience in Europe, especially in Italy.

Long lasting, faster and higher quality blow outs

After learning the best techniques for every type of hair, style and occasion, Denise found the ideal blow dry; it’s better, quicker and it lasts longer: in brief, the best blow dry!

Methods, tools and hair products

Technical methods, specific tools and a special set of skills to combine them in a comprehensive system, make products necessary only for the absolute perfection. Focusing on skill and dedication, hair products are definitely less critical for a great and long lasting look, in less time!

Salon clients

Denise blow drys daily at Salon Capri Newton, her services being provided to clients throughout the Greater Boston area and beyond, but also trains stylists and recently was responsible for the whole training of staff of a new chain of blow dry bars in the Boston area. Denise works alongside Nick Penna, owner of multiple hair salons in the Greater Boston area, including Salon Capri.

Blow Dry Training

Her training program is ideal for all stylists that want to give their clients a blow dry that will make them feel prettier and for longer. Although she trains individual stylists, it’s an ideal program for salon owners who want their stylists to provide a much higher quality service for their clients, while improving efficiency behind the chair. Learning the European Blow Dry technique makes clients happier and salons busier.

Customized programs

Since every salon has different requirements and clients, Denise offers programs that are geared to the specific needs of the salon and the individual stylist, to maximize customer satisfaction and optimize the benefits of her training.


For more information with regards to the European Blow Dry technique and Denise’s training programs, please send a message using the form below:

 More info and news

Visit Denise’s official website about the European Blow Dry technique @


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