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Boston’s European Blow Dry

boston home of the european blow dry

Bostons skyline and the home of the best blow dry technique

Is that a contradiction in terms?

Can a blow dry be European in some way and be Boston’s?

A blow dry technique can originate from Europe when the creator lived and worked there for over 5 years, during which she learned the advanced techniques of blow drying hair in countries where hair salon clients give much more importance to their blow dry and visit their hair-stylists more often for that very reason.

The creator of the blow dry technique that originates from Europe now lives and works in the Boston area, implements the technique in Boston area salons and has training programs that focus on the said technique.

So the answer is yes, the European Blow Dry technique can very well be considered Boston’s, it also happens to be the best blow dry technique in the Boston area and beyond.

For more info you can go to the following website about the European blow dry training and trainer


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