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Tips for a blow dry at home

Wavy blow dry

Curly hair blow out

How to improve a DIY blow dry

Denise Rossi, the designer and creator of the European Blow Dry Technique and Training Programs, master hair colorist and hair stylist, hair extensions specialist and advanced beauty hair services, was recently interviewed at Salon Capri, for their popular blog of trends and useful hair beauty information.

Denise said what the common weaknesses and mistakes are when people do their own blow dries at home, and offered solutions and tips to improve the results. 8 quick tips with other useful information for those who want to give themselves great hair even from their home, comfortable, but not ideal for DIY blow outs.

Denise’s salon blow outs are known to be beautiful and of the highest quality, while being easy on the hair and require very little time in the chair, and also, and very importantly, they are very well known to last longer and outlast any other thanks to the advanced and innovative blow drying technique that she invented after spending many years working at prestigious hair salons, studying at hair academies, working alongside extremely talented and sophisticated hair stylists in Italy, and also in London.

Her technique has been successfully used and perfected over the years, at various hair salons of great prestige in the Greater Boston area and now she is offering training programs to hair stylists, hair salon owners and staff, cosmetology and hair beauty students.

The article is on the Salon Capri website, but it’s also shared on Denise Rossi’s European Blow Dry facebook page here.


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