Fall 2015 Class

10 Sep
European Blow Dry Swirl

The double swirl, logo of Denise Rossi’s European Blow Dry project

@ European Blow Dry it has been announced that there will be an open class on October 11th, held by Denise Rossi and it will last one day with a limited number of trainee hair stylists to focus on the basics of the successful blow drying technique.

The Open class welcomes individual hair stylists who want to learn the technique as they can attend independently from their salon. usually Denise Rossi trains sets of students from specific hair salons and blow dry lounges, but in this case, due to persistent demand, she set up a class that can show how to master the European Blow Dry Technique to those who have to attend alone or with a limited number of fellow stylists, while not requiring a private blow out class. The class will be held at Salon Capri Newton @ 31 Lincoln St 02461 Newton, Massachusetts, in New England, USA.

The class page is: Blow Dry Training Class, Oct 2015

Hurry up if you’re interested, some spots of the very few available have been filled already!

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