Mandy Baxter’s hair style

28 Feb

In one of the last episodes of the hilarious show Last Man Standing, Mandy Baxter shows an interesting style of hair in a few scenes.

In a romantic situation, she has her black shoulder length hair curly and soft, to complement her red passionate dress. It can be seen very well in the scene at the restaurant.

The vintage like romantic look, leaves a lot to be desired and is not kept neat throughout, looking quite messy and like a poorly executed blow dry.

Maybe there’s more than we get to know and things that happen behind the scenes are not that easy to understand, sometimes, but in the romantic situation it feels like a more accurate and professional job would’ve been more appropriate.

It’s true that it could be considered a DIY blow dry job performed by herself at home, but since Mandy, the character, knew that it was going to be a special night, it’s reasonable to think that Mandy would’ve gone to a pro hair stylist to get her hair blow dried skilfully.

The night wasn’t even that long or energetic to make us think that it could’ve been ruined, before the last scenes back at home.

What looks like the hair styling service that she should’ve received, is a blow dry performed in the European Blow Dry style; there’s an extremely successful look that would have been very appropriate and much better looking than the one on the show, it’s called the Old Hollywood style of blow dry and it’s performed easily and quickly by a hair stylist trained by Denise Rossi or one of her trainers.

Not only it would’ve looked more beautiful, with much softer and curvier hair, better wrapping her face in a convincing romantic look echoing vintage glamour.

Maybe next time she’ll get a much better job, let’s see what is next!


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