Boston Blow Dry

10 May
The best blow dry is in Boston

Blow drying in Boston

Learning about Blow Dry in Boston

Blow Dries or blow drys, are all the rage now all over the country and especially in the larger towns and cities. Larger urban areas are where new trends and fashion spreads first, and the hair beauty industry is no exception to the rule.

Having said that, and mentioning how important blow drying is in European hair salons, it’s easy to understand where to look for the first city of the USA where blow drying finally got the role and importance among hair salon services and hair stylists’ skills that it deserves. Rather than a simple way of finishing off another service, like a hair cut, the styling by blow dry is now much more than a final touch and it’s the main way to style hair regularly and much more often than before.

So which one is the US city where the European culture towards blow-drying was established first?

Of course, Boston, the closest to Europe, geographically and culturally, the city where not only you get quicker from Europe, but also where the stylish trends which are born in creative Europe land first and are more easily acquired, sometimes reinterpreted, but in essence, where you can taste European style.

It also shouldn’t surprise that Boston is where the European Blow Dry technique was born, from direct European input that was collected by Denise Rossi during her 5 year stay in Europe, and it shouldn’t surprise that it was and still is so successful. It’s actually so well established after being implemented for many years in some of the most affluent hair salons in the Boston area, that it became the core and essence of training programs designed by Denise Rossi herself, and now it’s also incorporated by Salon Capri Advanced Academy and at the center of a number of training classes and education for hair stylists offered in the Boston area.

Denise Rossi offers her European Blow Dry training courses within the SCAA programs especially designed for New England hair stylists looking at stepping up their expertise and portfolio of techniques or travels to train entire hair salon staff all over the United States.

If you’re a hair stylist looking to travel to the Boston area to learn the technique or other courses for hair stylists, from coloring to cutting, both men and women, bridal updos and more, you can call 617-999-0269.

If you have a whole team of hair stylists of a hair salon to train in the best blow dry technique available and want the trainer to travel to you, call 617-921-3443.



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