How important is a blow dry?

12 Aug
How important is a blow dry?

Beautiful hair everytime you leave the hair salon

Of the many services offered in a hair salon, there’s one in particular which is often overlooked as a critical one to offer to the salon clients; the blow dry!

Also known as a blow out (blow-dry, blow-out), although there could be some differences, in essence, it’s the styling applied to hair with a blow dryer (or hair dryer) as the main tool. Brushes, combs various tools, products and also treatments can be important, but the act of drying the hair while giving it a shape is the core aspect of blow drying, AKA performing a blow dry.

For many years in America, it’s been considered a way to finish off other services, like hair coloring, cutting and others, as a way to complete the look of a client of a hair salon, at least as far as hair is concerned.

However, in other places around the world, like in Europe, the blow dry is actually a primary service which does not necessarily come after another major task of a hair stylist, so not just a finish, but a service in itself.

Clients go to hair salons just for a blow dry, and on a regular and very frequent basis.

Only less often do they get hair coloring, cutting, or whatever else may be offered by the hair stylists of the hair salon, and they certainly get a blow dry after those.

Things have changed now, and it’s been a few years that blow drying has become important and that hair stylists have started focusing on blow dries (or blow drys) with the best becoming on very high demand in salons across the country.

Continued training and education for professionals artists

Advanced education for hair stylists

Since it’s a new culture and an attitude that primarily comes from Europe, it shouldn’t surprise that the first impact on the local American hair salons and hair stylists is mostly evident in New England and in the areas around Boston; due to proximity and mentality, it’s usually this area in the North East that absorbs first successful trends originating from Europe.

One of the first artists to welcome and actually bring the blow dry culture to America by actively researching the European approach, is a renowned hair stylist of the Boston area, Denise Rossi, who trained and worked professionally for years in Italy and London, eventually designing a technique that takes the best out of different pools of talent and various tools in the hair industry overseas, developing a training program around it, and calling it the European Blow Dry technique.

She embraced the new approach to blow drying long ago, and she included her new learnings in her professional portfolio of hair skills and services, building an amazing clientele of interesting and affluent clients who have been following her for many years.

Since she started spreading her knowledge and expertise in her blow dry training classes, you can find out much more about the European Blow Dry Technique and Training Classes:

DR blow outs

Designer of the European Blow Dry technique

For her courses, head over to the Boston Hair School continued education for hair stylists website

For her best blow dry technique go to

You can reach her through the contact pages of the above website or call 6179990269!


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