Quickest blow dry

11 Mar
Quick, quality, long lasting blow dry

Enjoy your blow out

In and out in a matter of a few minutes, with no appointment necessary, typically little or no wait and a hair stylist always ready to take a client and give the best blow dry; that’s the core idea behind the recent blow dry bar concept.

This aspect of blow dries performed in dedicated salons usually called blow dry bars, is particularly important and definitely one of the major reasons why clients would go to a specific hair salon dedicated only to blow drys, the speed at which a blow dry is executed.

However, as in many other instances, speed does not go along well with quality, and mistakes are always more likely.

To be able to provide an equally, or even superior, blow drying service, stylists need to be trained and skilled at very high levels, but that, in turn is in conflict with keeping costs reasonable to incentivize and attract repeat clients.

This is where an advanced and recent technique like the European Blow Dry fits perfectly, because not only a blow dry in this style is long lasting and of high quality, but it’s so efficient that it takes very little time.

There is a training program with affordable classes to learn the European Blow Dry that could provide the method with which even a relatively junior hair stylist could deliver a blow out that clients would want over and over; and with such specific and focused blow dry hair styling training classes, it would be possible to keep costs to clients at a level reasonable enough that trips to the blow dry dedicated salon would be frequent and convenient.

For more about the European Blow Dry Technique and Training Program go to Denise Rossi’s website (the designer of the technique)

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