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RENT-2-OWN: Stafford, CT

RENT-2-OWN: Stafford, CT


Why not Stafford, Connecticut?

It’s made of various villages starting from the downtown area of Stafford Springs, and the more rural villages of West Stafford, Orcuttsville, Stafford Hollow, Staffordville, Village Hill, Ellithorpe, Hydeville and Crystal Lake.

There’s a good, very active and proactive school system, with lots of space being the 4th largest town in Connecticut for area, but only 5000 households, very easy commute to and from a lot of surrounding major towns and cities both in Connecticut, like Hartford, Manchester and Enfield, and in Massachusetts, like Springfield.

Plenty of high quality health care facilities are also present, attracting workers, professionals, users, patients and families from all over the area.

So why not rent-to-own in Stafford, Connecticut? I don’t see a good reason to not put Stafford on my list if and when I decide to make a move and look into rent-to-own, even with a so so credit score I could get onto the property ladder in Northern Connecticut, right across the border from Massachusetts.

Many homes are family friendly, with the typical 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom layout. There’s land for generous lots with backyards, since families enjoy some outdoor space for children and parents.

The cost of homes is also very accommodating to all pockets and wallets, ranging greatly with homes at $200,000 or less and at $500,000 or more and all sorts of listings that fall in between.

So there are or should be plenty of rent-to-own homes in Stafford, CT, a convenient framework for deals for both sellers and buyers, especially if realtors failed to find buyers for the sellers, and if buyers are renters with credit challenges and struggle to obtain a mortgage.




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