Rent-to-Own in Nashua, New Hampshire

16 Feb
Rent-to-Own in Nashua, New Hampshire

Lease then Purchase Deal even with credit issues, no banks involved to secure the deal!

Town Hall of Nashua, NH

Nashua, The Gate City

If you’re in the market for a rent to own property in the area of Nashua, NH, there’s now an opportunity to acquire an excellent single family home with 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms through a Lease-Purchase process in Nashua, New Hampshire. With a 5% down-payment you can get in for a monthly fee of $2,350 and then complete the purchase when ready to cover the remaining balance to the full purchase price of $399,900. Situated in a great neighborhood near one of the best schools not just in Nashua, but in the whole state and New England, the Bicentennial Elementary School, this home appears to be very family friendly and great for raising children and also having pets; unlike in ordinary rentals, the occupier would be able to use the home almost as a full owner, even without the formal title, thanks to the right to purchase (option to buy) it formally withing the agreed period of time. Boasting a 2 car garage and storage above it, there’s also off-street parking and the street is not very busy either, given the purely residential neighborhood. Stores and highway are not too far though, so commuting and shopping are easy. The property is in move-in ready condition and very well maintained, so it wouldn’t take long to get any lease-purchaser in fairly quickly.

Nashua, NH family friendly home for Lease-Purchase

Rent-to-Own a HOME instead of just renting a house

Or call Proxima Investors @ 617-999-0269!


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