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968 Plymouth St, East-Bridgewater, MA, 02333

968 Plymouth St, East-Bridgewater, MA, 02333

Many home buyers, especially if they have some experience as the ones who are not

Exposed beams and high ceilings in the kitchen

The kitchen is a great example of the character of the house.

buying their very first home, understand better the pros and cons of various types of homes, including the dichotomy between an antique home and a newly (or recently) built one.

One of the main pros of an antique is that it typically comes with lots of character, is not boring, presents creative solutions and features, it’s welcoming and it has that cozy and homey feeling and it can excite anybody who sees it that a new one will rarely offer to owners and visitors.

Front room with great flexibility of use

Floors with large hardwood boards

One of the main pros of a recent construction is that it’s straightforward, has modern day solutions, followed recent building codes, offers more comforts and requires less maintenance or repairs, although pretty flat and with very little flavor making it easier to resell, but it doesn’t usually give much of a warm feeling to owners or guests.

However I want to mention a case in which the downsides of living in an antique are amazingly dealt with and a wise effort to bring the home into 2018 is clear: 968 Plymouth St, in East

Extra spaces in converted attic

So much more space thanks to recent improvements

Bridgewater, MA, 02333 is a single family home in the colonial style which was built originally in the 1780, but has since been expanded, offering much more room and livable areas outside, upgraded, offering third millennium solutions and meeting building and living modern standards, and very well maintained in a great state. The house is, therefore, move-in ready, and repair free for the foreseeable future, with a minimal maintenance schedule to upkeep it.

Elevated Porch

Front Porch overlooking the front lawn, trees and shrubbery

If you don’t want a cookie cutter of a house that looks like it was built with Legos, and instead want that special feeling that only the history and character of an antique property can give you, you should definitely head over to the listing of an East Bridgewater home for sale and for rent-to-own for more info and images.

Find out how you can live with modern comforts in a house which is well over 2 centuries old!

If you require more information about the deal and the property, there’s a contact

North side with garage and parking

Plenty of parking space on the side and an attached 2 car garage

module on the property for sale website posted above to get in touch with the owners to find out more about it and, in particular, if it’s still available and when it can be seen.

The many features present will require some time to soak in all the info you may have to get, but it’s worth checking out how such an antique home can allow for modern day requirements without needing for major work, time and expenses, like the central A/C system installed, the Post & Beam construction which allows easy reconfiguration of the layout, wide original hardwood boards, 7 fireplaces,

Horses in your backyard

Thanks to a horse barn, you can have your horses on your property

double staircase (convenient, but also very safe) amazingly large rooms for an antique, swimming pool, fence, 2 car garage attached to the house and too much more to list here; it’s better to see it and after a moment when it can be a little overwhelming, you should be able to let it sink in and see how much you get with this home, above all, an amazing history behind it, and certainly a great future ahead!

This is a great house to sell and a great and rare opportunity to buy real estate, and if you need time to set yourself up to get financing for the purchase, that’s exactly what we specialize in, we help make a deal that works for all including our seller (to us) and buyer (from us).

Set up and enjoy a viewing!

968 Plymouth St, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, 02333, Plymouth County.

The property is available for sale or for rent-to-own (lease with option to purchase), but unfortunately NOT FOR RENT.

Private and enjoyable backyard

From swimming pool to wishing well, from patio to barbecue, this home is great for entertaining


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