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Hillary Clinton’s pearls

After an epic and comforting win over rival Bernie Sanders in South Carolina in the 2016 Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton gave a victory speech which was full of victorious majesty, including clothing and jewelry.

With regards to the latter, she wore pretty visible pearls as pearl earrings and a pearl necklace, where the pearls were huge.

It’s an interesting choice in victory speech, as she obviously did her best to capitalize on this win by looking as victorious as possible, and evidently pearls were a way to convey that message.

She picked massive white pearls, presumably akoya, but difficult to say exactly, and jokes have been said already about how fake they look, and still being more genuine than the bearer!

Others instead, consider them a beautiful compliment to the majesty of her win and an example of style in victory.

Others see those white pearls as inappropriate and not expressing gratitude for the vote of black people sometimes referred to as black pearls, where tahiti black pearls would’ve been more appropriate and still elegantly majestic.

What matters is not if the pearls are real pearls or imitation ones, white pearls or black pearls, but the fact that she picked them in such a joyous occasion.

Just another example of how pearls can help send a positive message and beautify a situation and a person, and explain why for so long, pearls are very sought after for jewelry.

Pearls are rare and difficult to farm, which only adds to their beauty and this is pretty well known by enthusiasts and those in the pearl industry, and contribute to determining their high value.

It shouldn’t surprise that so many are so fascinated by natural pearls, White Akoya pearls, Black pearls from French Polynesia, South Sea pearls and most other jewelry worthy pearls.

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