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6179990269 or (617) 999-0269 is a number belonging now to Proxima Investors, a Northborough, Massachusetts, based investment company which operates in all of New England and beyond.

Specialized in hard to sell properties, albeit in good physical shape, Proxima Investors helps SELLERS sell and quickly move on to the next chapter in their lives, while assisting worthy buyers who have temporary challenges get on the path to ownership without wasting any further time.

Proxima Investors @ 6179990269 are not realtors, since they buy and lease/sell by taking risks and not by finding a buyer and/or a seller like agents do, nor are they lowballing investors looking for desperate SELLERS to sell at unfairly low prices.

The ideal property for Proxima Investors of Northborough MA is a child friendly single family home with some yard, in a decent school district and neighborhood with at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but most importantly, in a good shape so not much needs to be done to fill it in ASAP, in days rather than months.

If you’re a SELLER with the need to move on quickly or simply want to make as much as possible, especially by saving on realtor fees and still get it sold (to us, of course), get on the phone: 617-999-0269 anytime, the sooner, the better!

PS: 617-999-0269 is a Boston number, as they started out in Boston in 2015. The number was retained as it didn’t make much sense to change it, especially because it’s an easy number to remember and older clients and contacts would find them more easily.


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