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Real Estate Investors and terms

Do you know what an Investor on Terms is? Do you know what kind of Deals they make? Do you know if you should consider them the next time you Buy or Sell a property?

If you’re looking for an answer to all those questions, we have a link to show you so you can get to the information you’re seeking.

The link is: Introduction to Investors on Terms

Published on the official blog of Proxima Investors, the series is going to be rolled out to cover all aspects of Investing on Terms in general, according to the industry meaning, and by Proxima Investors in particular, how they invest by Buying and Selling Homes in Massachusetts and the rest of New England primarily.

There’s also a handy option for signing up for notifications of when new posts are added and published so you can get the information as soon as it comes out and get an idea of Investors on Terms without delay. That’s particularly useful if you’re a homeowner thinking about selling your home or a renter thinking about buying.

Find even more info at: Real Estate Blog


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