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Norwell, Massachusetts, Plymouth County Rent-To-Own

Best Rent-To-Own Towns in New England


Rent-To-Own in Norwell, MA, is an attractive opportunity for many families with many family friendly homes and some great schools in the district. If you’re looking for a Rent-To-Own opportunity in the Norwell area, don’t hesitate to contact Proxima Investors, contact info on, and they will very likely find you the opportunity that you need and want. Proxima Investors’ deals are designed and engineered to suit all parties involved and purely aim at helping sellers let go of their cherished properties at fair terms, while assisting buyers purchasing a property even after and during life challenges. We put renters on the path of ownership delayed only for the time necessary to formally acquire their new home or property.

We understand the struggles, the uncertainties and the anxiety that can hit you especially in turning points of people’s lives, like when they’re trying to build a family, raise the kids and think about everybody’s future, because we’ve been through all that and one of the life-changing decisions we made, certainly one of the most important, was to decide to rent-to-own/lease-purchase our next home, while selling the one we previously had and that was not adequate for our family which grew very suddenly and very quickly.

Find out more about us at, whether you’re looking for properties to buy, sell and/or rent-to-own/lease-purchase in the Norwell area, the rest of Plymouth County, Massachusetts or New England. We’d love the opportunity to explain more about this “unconventional” way to sell or buy real estate, how it’s different and to discuss whether it would suit your situation or property and if we can offer a deal which works for everyone, as we usually do thanks to the flexibility of our approach.

We can do straight conventional sales of homes or alternatively any type of lease-purchase/rent-2-own of our properties, depending exclusively on what may satisfy the needs and aspirations of any of the parties involved.

Norwell, South Shore

Norwell, MA, is part of Plymouth County



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